Storage Bed Advantages at a Glance

  • A storage bed is a great solution for small spaces.
  • The storage space required by wardrobes and cupboards is reduced with a Storage Bed
  • Storage beds for children are great for organizing toys and books and keeping your room tidy.
  • Ottoman storage makes it possible to make use of the large storage space under your bed.
  • Storage offers extra sleeping space without compromising your room’s space

The Benefits of Storage Beds

No matter how big your room is, beds are always a problem. A bed with storage might be the perfect solution, A bed with storage is a great way to organize all your clutter and create a calm and peaceful sleeping environment.

There are many options, from Ottoman beds to storage drawers and cabin beds to beds that can be used as a bed for a guest or TV. We can help you find the right storage solution for your bedroom.

Imagine your child’s bedroom empty of toys, books, and games. They can be stored in a cabin bed storage area or storage cubes or cupboards.

Ottoman storage bed are a great way to store large items in your bedroom.

Although a guest bed is a great storage solution, it can also be used as a storage space for family and friends who are staying in the house.

Drawer beds are a great way to store items that you don’t need but still keep them out of view. Drawer beds can maximize space and reduce the number of storage units that you have to purchase. Some beds have drawers built into the base, while others offer versatile drawers that slide under the bed.

How to choose the best storage bed for your needs.

There are many styles and types of storage beds available. It is worth taking some time to consider which one will be most suitable for you.

Divan storage beds with drawers

This traditional bed base can be made with a variety of drawer options. You can have four standard drawers, but you also have the option to add two or three drawers. A four drawer continental is another option. This means you get two standard drawers and two smaller drawers at each end of your bed. This can be helpful in situations that limit the use of bedside cabinets. Divan bed frames can be a cost-effective and flexible storage option.

Divan-style ottoman beds

A divan ottoman is another option if you need more storage. This type of base has a lot more storage space. The mattress is placed on top of the base, and there is no upholstered frame around it. This is a key advantage for smaller bedrooms. As shown in the images below, these bases can be front- or side-opening. When deciding which option to choose, you should consider how you use your bedroom as well as where you can access the storage. If you need to have limited access on one side, side opening ottomans are a great option. An ottoman-style headboard can have a contemporary or traditional look, depending on which style you choose.

Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frames

Ottoman beds come in two options: side- or foot-opening. Consider your space and the best place to access the ottoman, so you can choose the right option for you. Consider the depth of your ottoman storage. Will it be able to store the items that you want to add? There are two types of ottoman bases. The most popular is the spring slatted, as shown below.

This style of bed has a slatted base that is embedded within the bed frame. It creates a beautiful visual appearance. This bed has the disadvantage that it takes up more space in the bedroom. A platform bed is a base that has the mattress on top of a boarded base. This will save space if space is limited.

This style base system is used in many of our Kaydian beds.

Wooden and upholstered Bedframes with Drawer Storage

Bedframes are an alternative to traditional divan beds. They can be made with either side-opening or opening drawers, as well as freestanding drawers. It is important to take the time to measure your space and think about how you will access the storage. This will ensure that you choose the right solution for you room.

Children’s Bed Storage

How much storage do you need for your child’s bedroom? Do you need cupboard space to store items, or shelving to display books, teddies, or night lights? It can help you narrow down your options. The choice of bed for a child will depend on their age and the space available. The cabin bed is the most common choice for younger children. Older children might have Mid-Sleeper beds, while older children may choose High Sleeper beds. Additional information about children’s beds can be found in the guides below.


In what sizes do Ottoman Storage Beds come in?

Time4Sleep offers ottoman storage beds in single, compact, double, super king and double sizes.

In what sizes are drawer storage beds available?

Time4Sleep offers a wide range of beds with drawers in different sizes

How do I determine the dimensions of the storage bed I’m interested in?

There will be a section on dimensions under each bed description. You can call our friendly sales advisors if you are unable to find the information that you require.

This offers more storage, Ottoman Storage or Drawer Storage.

An ottoman is the best storage option, as it will have the entire area under your mattress to store your items.


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