Just unveiled, the new Hitachi 10″ Push Miter Saw C10FSHC has some amazing characteristics you might be considering. This saw also features a zero, back clearance push process letting it sit down on a table, up against a wall surface. That’s why it owns a place among st the best miter saws.

Portable Push System

The sliding arm goes along set side rails, with linear movement bearings. Both of these mixed, allow the saw to slip with a sleek and simple movement. The effect is actually a saw which can be pressed against a wall surface, and occupies minimal property.

Up Front Manages

Every one of the handles around the Hitachi saw are situated in the entrance, preventing the need to reach round the saw to help make bevel adjustments.

Also up front is actually a miter detent override so a user can easily and smoothly call into specific angles effortlessly.

Laser beam and lightweight

Designed with a changeable laser beam marker and Directed light-weight, the saw guarantees a bunch of superior functions, but can it provide?

We think it can do with exception to this rule for their laser light. Hitachi’s laser light marker may be adjusted on the left of the minimize, using dials found on the saw blade protect. The changes conveniently found along with the instruments take care of and are engrossed in a silicone weather proof boot.

Note: while using the saw on a project one of these simple boots arrived loose and that we needed to reinsert it.

The laser beam modification dials can be found within the plastic-type blade shield. We identified this modification finicky and cumbersome. If you do not take away the blade guard, it is out of the question to lessen the blade and align the laser towards the blade. We finished up not sing the laser beam.

The Directed light is numerous light bulbs and is also brilliant.

Motor unit

The C10FSHC is operated by way of a 15 Amp, gentle-commence, straight travel motor unit and definitely will smoothly cut through framework lumber, oak and poplar trim very easily. An externally accessible co2 brush results in simple and fast adjustments.

An electrical braking system ceases the blade rotation in a matter of moments, not super fast.

Bevel Ranges

The dual lightweight aluminum fencing holders high and is also easily-removed.

This saw offers miter varies from -60 qualifications on the right and -55 diplomas on the left.

A good end override program easily and quickly allows you to smoothly go by all miter detent halts and call into specific facets speedier. Possibly away from routine, from other miter saws, I stumbled upon myself not applying this attribute and only pushing the release switch.

The bevel varies -48 levels each on the right and left. Environment the bevel is carried out from the up-top bevel lock. We loved NOT having to reach all around for the returning to modify the bevel. The front bevel management on this saw is simple and fast to change.

Regrettably, you need to completely take away the right side sliding fencing to work with the complete ability in the bevel correct feature.

Dirt Series

The incorporated dust particles handbag connects in the back end and functions reasonably well, the dirt slot can be simply associated with a store vac for greater dirt selection.

We employed the saw with a entire property home window replacement task. About this project we had been cutting 2×4 stock, cedar clapboards poplar, oak toned, and PVC exterior clip and moldings.

We actually loved the size and weight from the saw. At 45.6 lbs., it is very light and simple to haul around. The soft start attribute is nice, as it minimizes torque and stress on the electric motor and shaft, which can lengthen the life of the engine.

The Most Popular function on this saw was the handles – their all at the start and simple to get into.

We also enjoyed light and discovered ourselves utilizing it all day long. Hitachi could boost this gentle by getting it trigger with the strength swap about the saw.


We did not just like the laser characteristic, it was finicky and difficult to adjust, and accessibility modification knobs is tough, as well as a bad location at best.

Hitachi should look for a strategy to achieve bevel proper and never have to eliminate the fencing – most of us hate that.

And finally, we believed the remaining aspect slip rail obstructs the blade of type of sight a little, not completely but enough to become deal breaker.

Overall Impact

The Hitachi 10” Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC is good inside a close quarter store, minimal benchtop, or restricted quartered job site. It gives you the capability of any 10” sliding miter saw without reducing all the different movements.

For that cost, it is a solid saw with some true great superior characteristics. Using their recent kitchen table saw, impact and framing nailed emits, Hitachi has become moving up their activity.


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