Clash Royale, a tower defense strategy game, is now available for Android and iOS. Supercell is the game developer behind Clash of Clans. The characters in Clash Royale look very similar to the original game. However, the gameplay is entirely new. Clash Royale is a combination of card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online combat to provide a unique experience.

The basics

Here’s a quick overview of Clash Royale. Clash Royale, a tower defense strategy game, requires you to destroy at least one tower of your opponent to win. You will need to unlock cards from treasure chests you find along the way. There are many strengths and weaknesses to cards, but the most common ones are Common, Rare Epic, Epic, Legendary, and Legendary. Common cards are very common and easy to unlock. Other cards, like their names, can be more difficult to find. These cards can be used for defense or attack.

A deck is a collection of any eight cards that you choose to fight. You will need an elixir to use these cards. The core loop works in a simple way. You get elixirs every set time during the game, the latest version available here. These elixirs can be used to play your cards. Based on the deck of cards you have, you can attack or defend. We’ve covered the basics, so here are six more things to know, no matter if you’re a veteran player or just starting out with the game.

Make wise choices about your Clash Royale cards

Your deck is the only way to defend your towers in battle. So choose your cards carefully. To increase your chances of winning, you should upgrade your cards. You should save the deck that you feel most comfortable with.

If you have a deck that is heavy with an average elixir number of 4.5 or higher, it will be beneficial to attack within the last 60 seconds as the faster elixir creation will aid. If you have a lighter deck with elixir, it is important to place your cards in a way that allows your deck to survive.

Be aware of your troops

Clash Royale has 74 cards and you can’t just choose one to attack or defend. Every card has its strengths, and you need to know them all as you play. To stop a Valkyrie, you can waste your elixir by putting up a skeleton force. There are levels that make cards more resilient to attacks. To increase your odds of winning, choose the right troop and update it.

Advantage Elixir

Elixir is the price of cards. It takes time to create an elixir. Elixir takes 2.8 seconds to generate in normal play, and 1.4 seconds to generate in the last 60 seconds. To counter an opponent’s placing of a card, you can use a low-elixir deck. If your opponent plays the Giant, they will be charged 5 elixirs.

You can counter with a Skeleton Army and spend only three elixirs. This gives you a two-elixir advantage over your opponent. You will have an advantage over your opponent if you play your cards well. This will make it easier for you to win the game.

It is vital to place

Clash Royale is all about how you place your cards. While many might believe that placing your troops in front of the tower is a good idea it’s not. Pull strategy allows you to pull the enemy’s troop towards the center, so both towers can engage. This strategy is very useful as it allows you to eliminate your opponent’s troops more quickly without doing too much damage to your towers.

To engage with enemy troops, you can place multiple troops far from the action line. You can also place troops far from one another so they are not affected by freeze or poison spells.

Distraction is a valid strategy

Clash Royale Troops are made to attack enemy towers. To defend your tower you can drop troops in front of your enemies or move them slightly out of the way. This forces the enemy troop to join the newly placed troop and makes it more likely to engage. This allows the tower to take a few more shots at the enemy troop to help it get rid of it quicker. Your remaining troops can be used to launch an efficient counterattack immediately after.

Targeting powerful enemies

Retargeting is similar to a distraction. High-elixir troops such as Giant, Lava Hound, and Ice Golem engage only in structures. You can distract them by using building cards such as the Bomber Tower, Canon, and even a low-elixir card, like the Tombstone. You can draw them towards a structure, saving your tower from some critical hits.

The same technique can be used to stop the annoying Hog Rider from making its way to your tower. This technique can be used to effectively stop your opponent. To force an opponent troop to engage with your arena tower, use Zap and the Electro Wizard.


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