Today we are happy to announce our biggest update of ShareON ever! We are announcing a new app that brings unlimited sharing to the Android world!

With ShareON you can quickly and easily share any media files with your friends or family, no matter how big your files are or how many you want to send.

Why is ShareON fast?

Unlike other cloud services, ShareON uses direct sharing technology to directly connect your files to your other devices and friends, making the process fast, easy and secure. Just select the files you want to share and send them immediately through SMS, Mail or What’sapp.

No need to upload your private contents to any server. Another upside to the technology ShareON uses is that no third-party has access to your files, offering complete privacy for users who would rather keep their sensitive media on their personal devices, away from prying eyes.

Send unlimited phtos or videos through your favorite messaging app with ShareON

Unlimited Sharing

Is your smartphone storage isn’t big enough to handle big lots of big files? Don’t worry, you can view and share all your contents, even if they are stored on another device like your PC or tablet! Or why not stream your media to your TV wirelessly?

See all your media content no matter on which device they are stored with ShareON

•   Unlimited speed, file size and amount of files
Never worry about file size limitations or speed tethering. With ShareON you can enjoy unlimited sharing and send as many files as you want, as often as you want and as big files as you want.

•   Easy
Use ShareON on-the-go – use it anywhere to send and sync between any devices, no matter what platform you or your friends use (iOS/OSX versions coming soon).

•   Private/Secure
ShareON never uploads your files to any server, cutting down the slow and cumbersome uploading times that you can experience with other similar services. Keep your files secure with ShareON’s direct sharing technology.

Let’s take a look at ShareON’s powerful features;

  • Don’t worry about file limits or breaking up your video into multiple parts!
  • Share over 10GB (or any size!) of HD videos with friends in just few seconds!
  • Stream your media files to a Smart TV or speakers!
  • No complicated settings, just register your account and start sharing!
  • Send multiple files at once!
  • Keep your files to yourself or share them with the ones you trust!
  • Stream your files to your mobile device and never worry about your device’s memory limit again!
  • Access all your media no matter which device you keep it on!
  • Easily share files between any OS (coming soon)
  • Remote media streaming & DLNA supported