A glass can do so much more than just contain liquor. The feel and style set the ambiance for your favorite drink, imbuing your whole tippling experience with particular energy–laidback and easy, elevated and sophisticated, whimsically playful.

Not to mention that certain shapes are specifically designed to enhance the tasting experience, from long stems that keep your concoctions cold to delicate tapers that waft the scents of the drink to you to make the most of every nuance.

Suffice to say, a cocktail glass can truly make or break the drink you put into it, so making sure that your home bar is stocked with all of the essential types of cocktail glasses is a must for those who take their home cocktail making seriously.

These are the cocktails glasses that should be on your bar cart.

Rocks glasses

Lismore Diamond Straight-Sided Tumbler, Set Of 2

A rocks glass is the best when it comes to versatility. It can be used for neat pours, cocktails, or even to hold juices and water.

Rocks glasses

Schott Zwiesel Forte on the Rocks Stemless Cocktail Tumblers – Set of 6

A sleek, unadorned style rocks glass is the best choice if you want a modern look for your bar.

Martini Glass

Williams Sonoma Reserve Martini Glass

The martini glass is one of the most iconic cocktail glasses. Every bar cart should have at least one. These hand-blown versions are slightly smaller than the huge-sized ones of the ’90s, making them ideal for classic cocktail purists.

Langley Glass

This martini glass has a classic, elegant look thanks to its subtly shaped shape.


Set of 4 Club Ice Medium Highball glasses, set of 4.

The highball glass can be used for everything from classic highballs to iced coffee.

Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora Glass

The Nick and Nora cocktail glass was named after Dashiell Hammett’s hard-drinking detective and wife. It is a favorite of bartenders for its elegant yet simple shape, perfect proportions, and lower risk of spillage than other triangular glass cocktails.

Nick and Nora

Zelda Fitzgerald Cocktail Glass Set of 2 – Zelda Fitzgerald “New Yorker”, Cocktail Glass

You can still embrace The Thin Man look if you choose a more elaborate, etched version here https://blacktailnyc.com.

Spirits Glass

Riedel VINUM Whisky glass, set of 2, Clear

These glasses are perfect for serious spirits drinkers who want to enjoy a smooth pour. This slim shape allows you to concentrate the aromas from whiskies, rums, anjeo tequilas, and funnel them up to the nose in a way that larger rocks glasses can’t. So, you won’t miss a nuance.

Whiskey Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 2,

A Glencairn is a traditional glass for scotch. It has a chunky foot and tapered form. It’s easy to discern the aroma of whiskey from the bowl and mouth by using a slightly wider mouth.

We defy you not to feel playfully sophisticated when sipping a cocktail (no, never champagne) out of a coupe, and these adorable blush pink ones take that fanciful touch to the next level.


Set of 4 Borough Cocktail Saucers

The modern coupe comes in many styles, from a simple geometric design to more elaborate sizes. This version is slightly more squared-off, but it also has a deeper bottom so that you can hold more cocktails. This effortlessly blurs the line between mod and traditional.

Pint Glass

Set of 4 pint glasses

Although it may not be the most glamorous part of your collection of glassware, a solid pint cup is essential. You can’t pour a perfect pint if you don’t have the right glass.

Margarita Glass

Sonora Etched Tritan Margarita Glass

These fun glasses are perfect for margarita lovers. You can sip your margaritas around a pool from a glass that’s frosted with ice and salt.


Brandy & Cognac Crystal Glasses Snifter Set of 2

Surprisingly divisive, the snifter has as many detractors as it does proponents for traditional cognac and brandy sipping. It is still a useful piece that you can have in your bar for neat pours, summery spritzes, or tiki riffs, regardless of which side you are on.

Shot Glass

Holmegaard No. 5 shot glasses, set of 4

Don’t let the college bars look lowbrow. A shot of vodka in a shot glass will feel like a tzar, especially if it is accompanied by a piece of caviar.

Champagne Glass

Jamesse Prestige Champagne Flute

Although flutes are the most common glass for champagne, experts disagree that they are the best. Which do they prefer? A tulip-shaped glass that allows you to enjoy the champagne’s aromas.

Mixing glass

City Mixing Glass & Bar Spoon

This glassware is not meant to be used as a drinking glass but it’s a great addition to any home bar. It can be used to create all your stirred cocktails with style.

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